About Us

The Match Maker, Inc. is a transportation brokerage firm in Florence, SC. The company was founded in 1981 by Bert Belk. The company was one of the first transportation brokers in America after industry deregulation. Our mission is to provide reliable and experienced brokerage and consultation services to motor carriers and shippers in North America. Since its inception in 1981, The Match Maker, Inc. has assisted over 35,000 carriers and shippers with their freight.

The "Heart" Says It All

aboutus logoWhen you hear our name – "The Match Maker" – you probably don't' think of transportation. More than likely you think of a dating service, especially considering we use a "heart" as our corporate logo. However there is an interesting story behind our name and logo. When the company was established, our owner wanted to convey to carriers and shippers our ability to effectively "match" freight with trucks with personal, reliable service. What better way to get shippers and carriers attention than to use a name and logo that says, "We Are The Match Maker!" Today, we are regarded as one of the industry leaders and pioneers in the transportation industry, and our name and "heart" helped us in this endeavor.

One-Stop Transportation Shop

Over the years, The Match Maker, Inc. has grown to include "sister" companies that provide other transportation service offerings to motor carriers. All of these companies are owned and operated by The Match Maker's parent company, Sun Belt Line, Inc. and all headquartered in Florence, SC. A break-down on these companies and services are listed below.

One-Stop Transportation Shop of Services:

Match Factors, Inc.
Freight Invoice Factoring
Logistec/TTS Resident Agents Service, Inc.
Transportation Licensing, Permitting and Consulting
Truck Insurance, Inc.
Transportation Insurance
Mm Grey OVER
Transportation Brokerage and Consulting